At CA Jewellery we take inspiration from our wondrous universe and its many forms of beauty – from scenery observed on travels abroad to the colourful sky on summer nights on our way home from the studio, we absorb these moments and allow the headspace that being open to observation creates, to form the foundation of inspiration.


Being available to creative inspiration is my state of equilibrium; my happy place. When life’s stressors and challenges are compartmentalised effectively and my external awareness appreciates nature’s patterns, textures and sounds and phenomenal human creations in the forms of art, music and architecture, a creative state of mind is established.                           - C.A.


Human beings are complex creatures. Our lives are made up of broad, character-shaping experiences. We learn, we grow, we experience many emotions and we are far from two dimensional Therefore at CA Jewellery, we like our collections to be wearer centric, to offer the wearer interpretation and control of the how to style. Producing jewels as perfect stand-alone pieces or with the potential for layering, our treasures can be simplified for a relaxed style day or built up for statement presence.


We believe in the upmost quality always, respectfully using the Earth's resources to create our treasures.

Jewellery Care & Sizing




Jewellery care

CA Jewellery pieces are lovingly designed in Melbourne and crafted from exceptionally high quality materials.

Each piece comes with its own beautiful CA Jewellery box. 


CA jewellery pieces are fine and delicate so they should be worn with care and stored away in the box. All pieces are made from sterling silver, some plated with a layer of rose gold, and some also incorporating crystals and semi-precious stones. 

To preserve shine and reduce tarnish, remove jewellery before handling creams, applying perfume, showering, swimming or exercising. Naturally, sterling silver and gold plating form their own characteristics over time.



Necklaces - All of our necklaces include end to end measurements within the item descriptions. Some of our necklaces have length options, which you will be required to choose from when purchasing. To find which size would be suitable for you, loop a measuring tape around your neck to gauge your desired length. 

Bracelets/Bangles/Cuffs - These items are one size only unless otherwise specified. Cuffs can be adjusted and our bracelets offer two fastening points to allow for a tighter fit. Item descriptions for bangles include diameter measurements.

Rings - Some of our rings are adjustable and therefore, are one size only.

Sized rings use the US sizing system:

US size 5 - 49.3mm circumference

US size 6 - 51.8mm circumference

US size 7 - 54.3mm circumference

US size 8 - 56.9mm circumference

US size 9 - 59.3mm circumference

The ring sets include 3 individual rings, across two sizes. It is recommended you measure the circumference of your middle finger, which will determine the size of the large ring within the set. The two smaller rings included in the set will be the next size down. See the size breakdown below:

Ring sets

XS -  2 x US size 5    AND   1 x US size 6 

S -   2 x US size 6     AND   1 x US size 7 

M -  2 x US size 7     AND   1 x US size 8 

L -  2 x US size 8     AND   1 x US size 9 

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